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In car accessories, Gadgets and Entertainment


The amount of accessories you can get for your car is huge and increasing all the time! Whether you are after the latest MP3 player, new alloy wheels or get tired of "getting lost" so require satellite navigation, the choice is endless.

Alloy Wheels can add an real value and stylealloys wheel to your car and are available in many styles and sizes.

Car Exterior accessories
can be be anything from the aforementioned alloy wheels to body kit styling, roof boxes or lighting.

Car Interior accessories include mats, dash styling and new steering wheels.
Car Alarm
Car Security such as Thatcham can be purchased externally as well as the simpler steering wheel locks etc.

DVD players for cars can be portable or fixed (intoDVD CD Player headrests) allowing you to watch movies, your children cartoons or play video games.

MP3 is just a method of compressing files. Its name is an abbreviation for the much more unwieldy MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group). Connection options to your i-pod for example vary.

RDS means Radio Data System. Extra information broadcast on FM along with the music that is displayed with an RDS enabled head-unit. Some will hunt down certain types of programme for you, or even traffic reports. The latter feature is only available on RDS-EON enabled head-units.

Satellite Navigation is becoming increasingSat Nav popular with manufacturers such as Tom Tom, Garmin, Navman and Sony being most popular.

Snooper as well as Beltronics snooper radar detectorsand Cyclops etc manufacture radar detectors and GPS satellite navigation systems.

The options you now have for your in car entertainment are almost limitless with so many bespoke options integrating multimedia and communications.